The language policy on this wiki is: British English usage throughout. This means:

  • Spelling: for example, "colour", not "color".
  • Grammar: "at the back of", not "in back of"; "one hundred and one", not "one hundred one".
  • Dates: "16 July", not "July 16". Also, bear in mind that short dates in any format are unsuitable for use on international pages; "16/07/13" is likely to baffle Americans and mislead Japanese (who will misread it as 13 July 2016). Use long dates; "16 July 2013" or "2013-07-16".

There are also general rules to follow:

  • Be polite. Do not use "adult" language such as the F-word, unless it is necessary for the context.
  • Be clear. For instance, instead of "i.e." or "e.g." use "that is" or "for example" respectively. This avoids problems such as misuse of "i.e." when "e.g." is meant (it happens often).
  • Don't Do not use contractions.

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